cku ireiInternational Relations & Education Instutute


Departments & Majors

College Majors
College of Social Science Police Administration, Public Administration, Social Welfare, Business Administration
College of Media Culture & Arts Broadcasting & Entertainment, Beauty Design, Contemporary Music, Broadcast Production, Contents Production and Media, Computer Graphic Design
College of Tourism & Sports Tourism Management, Hotel Management, Hotel Culinary Arts & Food Service Management, Sports and Leisure Studies, Sports & Health Management,Sports Coaching
College of Engineering Civil Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Intellectual Property for Startups
College of Education Korean, English, Mathematics, Computer, History, Physical, Teaching Profession, Geography
Collee of Medical Convergence Biomedical Engineering, Medical IT, Biomedical Sciences, Biosystems and Convergence Engineering, Optometry, Dental Hygiene, Healthcare Management, Clinical Pathology
College of Medicine Medicine, Nursing
College of Aviation Airline Cabin Operation Management, Aviation Maintenance, Flight Operation, Aeronautical Science, Unmanned Aircraft System Engineering


Applicants who have a certificate of Level 3 or higher on the Test of Proficiency in Korean(TOPIK)
  • New Admissions : Applicants must complete(of experted to complete) secondary education outside or inside of Korea, or its equivalent
  • Transfer Admission : Applicants must be enrolled in a four year university inside or outside of Korea for more than 4 semesters, excluding summer and winter terms. Or, applicants who have graduated or is expected to graduate from a 3 year community college inside or outside of Korea, or its equivalent.

Admissions Procedure

  • Submit application documents

  • Document Screening

  • Interview

  • Announcement of Acceptance

  • Payment of Tuition

  • Visa Processing

  • Beginning of Semester

Required Documents

  1. Application for confirmation of visa issuance(Immigration fixed form)
  2. CKU application form
  3. Certificate of Graduation and original diploma
  4. Certificate of verification of qualification and student record(Chinese students only)
  5. Officaia academic transcript and a Record of Attendance
  6. Officaial Health Certificate
  7. Copy of Family Census Register(Including whole family)
  8. In case the parents of the applicant have been divorced, remarried, of deceased, supporting documents are required.
  9. Copy of Passport(Phaoto page)
  10. Copy of Alien Registration Card issued by the Korean Ministry of Justice(If Applicable)
  11. Four passport type photos with white background
  12. Copy of Language Proficiency Certificates


International Student Scholarships
① As an international student, from one of our sister universities, he or she must be enrolled in a legitimate undergraduate program at Catholic Kwandong University.  Admission fee waiver
② An international student with Level 3 in TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) 40% Tuition waiver
(excluding admission fee)
③ An international student with Level 4 in TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) 60% Tuition waiver
(excluding admission fee)
④ An international student with Level 5 in TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) 80% Tuition waiver
(excluding admission fee)
⑤ An international student with Level 6 in TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) 100% Tuition waiver
(excluding admission fee)
  1. Those applying for scholarships (from Article 1 to Article 4) must be insured for international students.
  2. Those applying for scholarships must have a 2.0 GPA or above from the previous semester, except for the first semester.