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The IREI aims to be the center of all international programs

In this Information Age, the world shares fewer boundaries, driving itself toward 'globalization'. Catholic Kwandong University, in line with this global trend today, continues to bring forth positive changes in our efforts to counter to globalization issues. The universities around the world have been closely collaborating one another when it comes to international exchange and relations, expanding their academic ties and international network.

The IREI (International Relations and Education Institute) with its International Relations Committee founded in September, 1997, has been serving students and the community in the area of international exchange and relations. IREI has established its academic ties with over 65 universities in 21 countries and is eager to further develop our international relationships.

The IREI, in its partnership with local and overseas institutions, vows to develop and manage various international programs available for the global community, which would further enhance our international relationship with a number of Chinese and other universities. IREI consists of 2 divisions: International Relations with foreign universities that administer the academic affairs of international students, and the Korean Language Education Institute, in charge of programs in Korean Language and Culture.

The IREI aims to be the center of all international programs, providing the community and the students with life defining experiences in our global endeavors.

We cordially invite you to join us!